About Me

I am loRen. Found under RenRochelle or Ren Astarte Rochelle, called Ren by many

(named after my father Lorenzo)

I was born in Los Angeles, California, USA …discovered myself in Sedona, Arizona

I am an open book and probably one of the best books you will ever read . . .

I have had an incredible life journey that includes private school, 5 colleges, traveling many places, being homo and hetero sexual, substance abuse, cancer, jails, institutions, rainbows, and awakening . . .

Feel free to contact me with your curiosities! I will respond as best I can within my means if the volume of incoming queries isn’t overwhelming, and as honest as I can . . .

My goal is to be honest, to show that I am a human being with flaws and imperfections, not afraid of others, I want people to find solace and comfort in my flaws, we are perfect and divine however we were born and whatever has happened . . . Perfection is only a created ideal that NO human will ever fit, there is no mold for ALL people, we each have a divine light to bring into this collective . . . if you can’t fathom your divinity, it may not be your time to be along my side . . . but if you don’t in this lifetime, I hope it comes for you in the next. It’s been an incredible challenge to honor my divinity, but with my example, I hope I can inspire and ignite at least one other human’s divine light . . . just one.

If it’s any more than that, blessed be! Let us shine . . .

I have enable comments below so you can ask me questions, obviously if you are not respectful, I will have to respectfully decline a response . . . apologies in advance.


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