Experience Inward Initializing

This is the first day of the rest of your life. It’s nice to finally connect with you . . . I have been awaiting this moment my entire life . . .

I AM that I AM has placed this universal spark of joy inside my heart called Divinistry, this experience that I am going to draw you into along my side is a incredible journey you have been ready to start but are awakening to, right at this very moment . . .

Our journey begins in the middle of chaotic transformation, as my path became alien to my existence, my adventure into the unknown depths of my own soul, true divinity, ignited into a process of remembering my divine purpose. Intuitively, keeping my hands open to grasp your hand so you can open your hand and grasp another’s hand and bring as many others into their own divine light as we can within our lifetimes and beyond . . .

With so much happening in this new year 2017, which feels strange rolling off the tongue, as if humanity never understood coming this far and what do we do now? Some know early in life what divine presence is within, some spend their lives waiting to discover it, I am not sure I will ever know how to explain this process simply . . . yet it is simple. NOT easy . . . don’t confuse these, is my first suggestion.

I am one human on our large planet, in our very large universe, but within me lies an incredible Divinity, as within us all, whether forgotten or realized, stagnant or misguided, vibrant and exploding . . . we all have one.

I do not pretend to know nor understand everything, matter of fact, anything I present is or will be something you already know or could or have hear from anyone else. I have finally chosen to connect myself, without fear to the rest of my human race, knowing I may come upon opposition or disapproval, I have no fear nor care of these insignificant life strangling emotions. I was not born to seek approval or acknowledgement from others, this has absolutely nothing to do with my Divine Light nor yours. I was not born to live in fear, but I do acknowledge that mental creation exist and creates the dynamic we live in and witness around our planet and home today.

If you have taken this much time to “hear” my words, I honor you. I am so anxious to move forward WITH you into our Divine Light. I am ready to serve others in love, guiding and encouraging YOUR Divine Light alongside mine. Not in perfection but with steps of progress, whether minute or explosive, let’s move forward together.

Are you ready?

CTRL ALT DELETE your expectations! This ministry of divinity is initialized, no turning back (why look back, you’re not heading that direction) . . . buckle up, this won’t be smooth or pleasant every moment, but it’s worth every ounce of light within you, to become the light, ignite the light, and it’s NEVER too late! You’re still alive, let’s start living.